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Clash of Kings Hack : It’s Your Turn to be King

Clash of Kings has taken the world by storm. Highly addicting, intense and fun are three words that describe this game perfectly. You have the chance to engage in epic clashes with all the action and emotions of a real battle.

We’re going to talk about a Clash of Kings hack to save you money when playing.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to be a winner. A simple and effective hack (we’ll also include a few cheats) makes a big difference.

Build an empire and take control of a kingdom as a true king.

Clash of kings Hack Generator
clash of kings Hack Generator

Starting Out

When you start out, you’ll think you need Clash of Kings unlimited gold to have success. It takes time to start out and grow your army and base. Don’t think this happens overnight. It takes time to become a medieval ruler.

The kings of Britain, France, Russia and any other civilization knew that it took time to become a ruler.

But there are methods and techniques you can follow to:

  • Gain resources
  • Build an army
  • Defeat other players
  • Climb the ranking charts

If you’re under the impression that this game takes money to become a top-tier ruler, you’re right. But, we’re going to provide you with a hack that will help you save a ton of money while becoming the king of kings.

You can have the upper hand over millions of other players.

Are you just starting out?If so, you’ll spent a lot of time and effort getting up to speed.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Military tents and hospitals take priority. Make 8 or more of each.
  • Place similar buildings close together for easy management.
  • Food is your last priority because upkeep is nearly impossible with huge armies.

If you’re in an active kingdom, teleport every week to change your position on the map and stave off precision attacks.

Clash of Kings Cheats

Cheats are more strategic than they are real cheats. You’re not going to enter a simple code to dominate the competition. Don’t get sucked into those videos that state “we have a hack to get unlimited gold” – they don’t work.

Why?The developers of the game are always working to detect hacks. We’re going to provide you with a tool that’s updated every update to bypass the anti-cheat algorithms. A few hints that higher end players use to gain the competitive edge are:

  • Daily Events: Join daily events to gain different awards. Participate, and you may acquire thousands of gold in the process.
  • Connect to FB: I know – everything revolves around Facebook, but this is a good tip. You’ll get some gold for connecting to your account, and if you use multiple devices, the game will use your Facebook to store your credentials.
  • Invite Friends: If some of your friends are gamers, invite them along to play, too. Using your invitation code, you’ll be rewarded with boosts and resources just for playing with a few friends.

And if you’re feeling lucky, spend some of those Dragon coins you’ve been collecting to get more gold. This is a gamble, but it’s a gamble that can pay off majorly, too.

Online Game Features

Clash of Kings is filled with features to provide you with endless fun. A few of the game’s features include:

ArmiesTrain and build an army that can rival any kingdom. Through a multiplayer world, you’ll engage in PvP battles against millions of players. Massive armies need to be assembled to allow for epic battles where composition and strategy can trump even the most seasoned player.

Kingdom battles await your majesty.

MMO PlaystyleThe MMO playstyle allows you to enjoy the game with others. You have the opportunity to step into a world filled with:

  • Resources
  • Monsters
  • Enemies to attack and plunder
  • Friends to talk with and message
  • Alliances to join

Your kingdom awaits, and with the MMO playstyle, there is more to do than PvP all day long.

Real-time StrategyThere is a lot of strategy involved in this mobile game. You can’t just fire up the game, my Lord, and win. Instead, you’ll need to:

  • Level up
  • Fight
  • Create armor and weapons
  • Research technologies

Your Lord awaits, but he or she needs a lot of help to become a powerhouse in the kingdom.

Dragon Campaign and Ancient BattlefieldsThere are dragon campaigns and ancient battlefields filled with fun, too. When you enter these campaigns, you’ll:

  • Engage in massive PvP battles
  • Fight against other kingdoms
  • Win rewards for your valor

You’ll even be able to battle for the throne. You can sit upon the Throne and become the King. Your power will inspire your allies and allow you to destroy every Lord that threatens you. Buffs can also be given to players and kingdoms to further your agenda.


A Clash of Kings hack tool gives you access to a kingdom where millions of players fail. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars a month to enjoy life as a Lord and King who takes complete control of the kingdom.

The game scales for players that have the money to spend.

If you don’t have money, it’s time to download our tool and propel yourself from a mere Lord to a King.

We’re only going to provide this tool to a limited number of players, and if you’re reading this, you’re one of the very few who will be lucky enough to play without breaking the bank.

You’re eager to get started, so read these instructions, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a King.

Clash of kings Hack gold


  • Download the Clash of Kings hack APK.
  • Run the hack and select your operating system.
  • Insert the resource amounts you wish to obtain.
  • Click the “generate” button and restart your device.
  • Restart the game and enjoy the resources others have spent hundreds of dollars on for free.

You need to download the latest version of our hack to make sure that it works for your game. If the tool you have doesn’t work, we recommend downloading it again from our site, as we’re always updating to overcome in-game protection measures.